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Getting started

So, here I go.  I have been playing around with the thought of writing for years.  I do it for a whle and then seem to lose interest.  I am hoping to change that trend and this is where I am going to post what I have written.  :)

I have wanted to write a fantasy novel since I was a kid.  I was that kid that always walked around with a notepad, so I could write a new story.  It started because I read the Lord of the Rings, and also the Hardy Boys (yes, I am showing my age).  So as I kid the stories I usually wrote were: Hardy Boy Stories, Godzilla, and a really awful attempt at somethin that was like the lord of the rings.  It was so bad that I tried unsuccessfully to erase it from my mind. 

I have two stories I am thinking about.  Both of them fantasy. 

Story#1 is obviously driven for my love of all things Dresden Files.  I want to write a story about a group of people that can do magic and use it to stop something horrible that is going to happen in modern day NYC.  No vampires or werewolves, faerie courts, or 5 foot girls that can kick everythings ass.  Hopefully a more gritty book about power and how it can be abused. 

Story#2 is more of a medevial fantasy story of a constable that is hunting down a murderer.  A fantasy/mystery novel.  I have only seen it done once, and am excited about it. 

I know they may not seem that original, but I ask you this.  Who is original now?  Most people are taking something they like from somewhere else (mythology, favorite genre) and adding their own spin to it.  :)
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