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Synopsis of my books

Just keep in mind this is a work in progress and I am aware of how cheesy they both sound!  But I wanted something out there so people would know what my books are actually about.  So, if you don’t like it, that is ok.  J  I am just happy to be writing again.


Book 1.  The Darkness in Serenity


Murder has come to the coastal city of Serenity.

A silent killer is walking the streets and using dark magic to ravage their victims.  People are afraid and many will not even venture into the city after dark.  Some are reminded of a time in the past where a madman tortured and a murdered many and held the city captive with fear.  Has he come back? 


After experiencing a dream of his sister’s death, Darin Sovereign rushes back to his childhood home of Serenity.  Once there, he discovers that Elisa was not the first victim, and likely not the last.  Caught in the politics of his own station, Darin must work together with someone he once loved to solve this murder before someone else pays the ultimate price. 


Book 2.  I have no idea


Magic is everywhere; you just have to be open to seeing it.  New York City is no different.  It is hard to ignore as you walk the streets and feel the electricity of what the night has to offer.  Anything is possible, as anything is obtainable…if you know where to look.  That is part of the problem, as people don’t concern themselves with the consequences of what they seek. 


Sean Reynolds is a man at a crossroads.  His life is not going as planned as bad decisions and broken relationships seem to be his modus operandi.  Trying to get a grip of his life, he has turned his life toward his study of magic.  This he can control and this he can focus his life on.  Trying to learn how to better his craft.


Then comes the disappearance of his god-daughter Amanda, and everything changes.  What starts out as a simple attempt to locate her, turns into something else much dangerous as dark forces align in the city and more than just the stake of Amanda is at risk.  


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